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Owned by a non-profit consortium of conservation and land management organisations, CMSi is the software suite of tools enabling adaptive management on important conservation and amenity areas and is unique in its functionality, scope and integration of mapping.

Already used to manage thousands of important sites, CMSi is set to become the standard approach to biodiversity and protected area management.

Developed over many years by a consortium of  conservation organisations, the current version harnesses the latest mapping and database technology to create a highly functional and easy to use software tool.

Site planning and management

Maps and holds comprehensive land holding and asset information

Integrates planning, delivery and monitoring to produce a single, dynamic management system

Creates and maintains work programmes

Centralises and organises all your site information

Automates time-consuming administrative and reporting tasks

Property management

Comprehensive management of all aspects of property including ownership, land purchases, leases, tenancies, agreements, permits, wayleaves, rights and buildings

Cross link all property and agreement records to the conservation management plan

Customisable alerts when actions are required, e.g. renewal of leases or agreements

Habitats and species recording

Store and map all species and vegetation records and link them to the management plans

Support for taxonomic hierarchy, synonymy and conservation designations

Allows national, local and user-defined classifications with customisable data entry forms

Smartphone app for field recording

Additional functionality

The following functionality is also available:

Parts of CMSi may also be viewed and edited by authorised users via a web interface. Typically this is used for remote staff, contractors and volunteers where they may use their browser to access the site to see any work that has been assigned to them and also to record the work completed, time used, etc.

Web demos

Please click here to see CMSi in action. You will be able to choose which video you want to see or watch the lot! 

Sites and Species managed in CMS

Photo of the countryside

Photo of the countryside

Photo of the countryside

Photo of the countryside

Photo of the countryside

Photo of the countryside

Photo of an insect

Photo of the countryside

Photo of gannets


Photo of the countryside

Photo of the countryside

Photo of the countryside

Photo of the countryside

Photo of the countryside

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