BARS Exporter

What is BARS?

BARS logoThe new UK Biodiversity Action Reporting System (BARS) is a web based information system to support the conservation community. It shows where practical action is in place to benefit important habitats and species as well as generate summaries of the data. It also offers an efficient way for the public to contribute information about their own biodiversity actions.

BARS helps establish the level of activity in place at any given time, where this is taking place, and what it is trying to achieve. BARS can be used to map action locations and generate a range of statistical summaries. This shared intelligence helps national and local communities plan and better coordinate their conservation activities. It also helps the four countries and UK government report collectively on what is being done to halt overall biodiversity loss in line with international, UK and country commitments.

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The CMSi BARS Exporter

The BARS Exporter for CMSi has been developed with funding from JNCC and Natural England to enable CMSi users to identify suitable projects from their management plan that can be submitted as BARS Actions and then export them in a format suitable for upload into the national BARS database.  This will allow you to contribute to national and UK level planning and reporting via BARS without having to re-enter data into the BARS web-based system.

A CMSi project plan is typically focused on a single feature of a site over a period of several years. So the project plan is the most appropriate basis for a BARS Action.  Before exporting to the BARS format, CMSi project plans need to be validated to ensure they have the correct attributes associated with them.  These include the Action TypeBiodiversity Objective and Biodiversity Feature. Other attributes, such as, a title, start and end dates, location and units can all be derived from information already held within CMSi, but an be amended.

BARS panel  in MyCMSiBARS Action grid

Once the information has been set and the actions validated, they can be exported.  This creates xml files in the correct format which can then be emailed and submitted to the UK BARS database for direct import.