Conference Outline

CMSi Conservation and Land Management Conference

This one day conference, held on Thursday September 25th at the Linnean Society in London, looked at some topical management issues facing site management and then how these can be tackled using CMSi. These are the presentations given by the speakers at the conference.

Speaker Presentations

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Keynote Address: Challenges in Conservation, Alan Law, Natural England

Alan discussed the type of challenges which 'Biodiversity 2020' presents, the practical management we undertake, the evidence we need and the consequent need for tools to plan, assess and record all of this. /p>

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Ecosystem Services - the Natural Resources Wales experience in adopting a 'new' approach to environmental management. Mike Alexander, NRW

The Welsh Government has decided that the key drivers for the future management of the Welsh natural environment will be ecosystem services. These are the services provided by the natural environment that benefit people. Mike introduced and gave a critique of the ecosystem approach, a series of 12 principles that can be applied to land-based planning and management and gave an assessment of compliance with the ecosystem approach on the Welsh National Nature Reserves. 

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Planning for climate change in nature reserve management plans, Ben Le Bas, Natural England

Natural England’s reserve managers have been tasked with considering climate change in site management planning. Site managers have a framework and a tool – CMSi – for management planning, but have lacked specific guidance in how to address the climate change factor in reserve planning. 
Ben summarised Natural England’s approach whereby the vulnerability of site features is assessed against easily understood weather variables, based on information supplied to site managers by specialist climate change colleagues.  

Download  03b-ClimateChangeAdaptationManual.pdf

Produced by Natural England and RSPB, this Adaptation Manual is a resource to help conservation managers and advisors to make informed decisions about adaptation. It brings together recent science, experience and case studies, and is intended to be an accessible entry point to a range of available resources and tools that can support practical adaptation. We anticipate that the information in the manual will be useful to a variety of people, including managers of nature reserves and other protected sites, conservation and land management advisors, and environmental consultants. The intended audience is those who are involved in the management of land for conservation and amenity, and includes staff of local and national government, statutory agencies and NGOs.

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CMSi – an overview of how CMSi supports conservation site planning and management, Anne Brookes, exeGesIS

In a software demonstration Anne Brookes gave an overview of the functionality offered by CMSi for the preparation and implementation of site plans focusing on the adaptability of the software to different users and countries. Anne also talked about recently added functionality that allows users to define multiple measurement units for project monitoring. 

A significant part of this talk was a live demo and this presentation shows only the background to CMSi. If you are interested in a live demo at any time, please contact

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Hampshire County Council’s approach to countryside asset management, Andy Davidson

Hampshire County Council have been using CMSi for several years and in recent months have been exploring how to make best use of the recently introduced ‘asset management’ capability.  Andy Davidson shared the Council’s experience in this area.

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The Dutch experience – don’t get lost! Annie Wilgenhof, Natuurmonumenten

Annie’s presentation was about the experience at Natuurmonumenten of using CMSi for management planning. Natuurmonumenten are the major Dutch nature conservation NGO, managing 355 sites for nature and landscape. The major reason they needed CMSi was to have better structured data about sites and the wish to plan and record in a very practical system. The Dutch experience started in 2012 with the whole organisation using the planning module. The presentation showed practical examples of current use related to the sites, with special attention to the experience of the users and how CMSi was introduced. Eventually CMSi will be used by 700 employees plus many volunteers.

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CMSi – what’s new, summary of new functionality following major investment programme, David Mitchel, exeGesIS

The last few years have seen major new additions to the CMSi software and David demonstrated some of the functionality offered by the ‘Property and Agreements Module’ and the ‘Habitats and Species Recording Module’, the latter shortly due for release in the Netherlands. 
David also showed the facility for the administration and monitoring of networks of designated sites under third party management and also the ‘actions’ function – an often overlooked but extremely powerful part of CMSi.

A significant part of this talk was a live demo. If you are interested in a live demo at any time, please contact