CMSi software

Use the menu on the left to see screenshots that provide just a flavour of the system's capabilities. For more information please review the video tutorials, join one of the regular webinar presentations  or arrange for a one-to-one remote demonstration and discussion.

CMSi is a very comprehensive solution and for many organisations will be the only software required for planning and managing any number of conservation and amenity sites. It comprises three deeply integrated modules that can be used independently or together:

Site Planning & Management module - the main conservation management planning module

  • Helps you to write your management plans, to implement your management plans and to monitor and review your management. In fact it integrates all these aspects to create a single, dynamic site management system that works for a single site or across multiple sites.
  • Ensures that site management is well-planned, evidence-based, objective and rational.
  • Automates routine tasks such as creating work programs, budget forecasting, conservation status reporting, etc.
  • Brings all your important site information together into an accessible, one-stop shop that survives organisational and staff changes.
  • Enables best practice to be easily shared both within and between organisations.
  • Flexible and instant reporting including graphs, maps and photos.
  • Comprehensive in-built mapping functionality.

Property & Agreements module – Major new functionality, fully-released for UK market since November 2013, already in use in the Netherlands since summer 2013.

  • Mapping and recording detailed information on all property holdings
  • Managing legal processes, documents and transactions relating to property and asset ownership, tenancy and rental
  • Managing all agreements, permits, wayleaves and easements related to your sites
  • Listing all rights affecting your sites along with details of who holds them, what the restrictions are etc
  • Map and manage any buildings on your sites
  • Manage grants and subsidies you have received along linking the funding in with work you have undertaken

Species & Habitat Recording module – A very comprehensive suite of tools allowing users to record, import, store and display species observations and vegetation records and maps. Released in the Netherlands in Spring 2014 and due for release in the UK in 2015.

  • Records and imports species observations
  • Imports and displays vegetation maps
  • Configurable interface to reflect users preferred approach to recording and monitoring
  • Submitted data automatically validated using customisable rules
  • Record against grid referenced locations, sites or any other spatial feature in the CMSi database
  • Flexible species dictionary structure that can act as a simple species list or reflect relationships between taxa
  • Comprehensive reporting including distribution and density maps 

If you are interested in this module please contact us.

LibraryLink  -  Organises all of your electronic documentation, reports, photos etc. and allows you to link them directly to the relevant records in your management system, making ALL site and project information directly accessible from CMSi – a real ‘one-stop shop’.

MapLink  - CMSi includes its own mapping system but MapLink facilitates additional integration with ArcGIS, MapInfo and Quantum GIS (QGIS - a free, open source GIS).

Software as a Service (SAAS) – if you don’t have sufficient IT hardware or simply want to go for the easy option then you can have your own CMSi set-up in the ‘cloud’, allowing you secure access from anywhere in the world via your browser.

For pricing click here. This service is also available via G-Cloud 8.

System Requirements

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