CMSi Webinars

Posted by Simon Allen 2019

Webinars are another way of learning about what CMSi can do for you. These online sessions are an opportunity for us to share with you some of the features of CMSi.  There are sessions covering a range of topics from the basics through to the more advanced. We are looking at some of the new features added to CMSi over the last three years as well as exploring some of the possibly more overlooked or underused parts of the application.

If you take a look at you can see the sessions we have planned so far. We’re just taking a short break for the Summer before kicking-off the Autumn series on September 12th with a session on how we can manage those all-important documents such as photos and specification documents in CMSi using Library Link. There are further webinars on Surveying and managing Property and Agreements and other topics.

The webinars are free of charge and you are welcome to join as many of them as you wish. We deliver the webinars by sharing our desktop with you so you can attend from your own desk or a shared facility at your offices. You will need to register for any webinars that you wish to attend firstly so that we can send you details nearer the time on how to connect also so we have an idea of who to expect on the day. To do so please send an email to and we shall be in touch in due course.

We would like to see the webinar programme continuing into next year and beyond. In order this to happen we need your suggestions for further topics. We look forward to hearing from you ! One good way of keeping up to speed on the programme as it develops is to “Subscribe to Calendar”, a link for which sits at the top of the list. This will include items from the webinar series in your desktop calendar.