Habitat and species recording

Observations and map 

The habitat and species recording module for CMSi was developed to allow managers to integrate wildlife records and vegetation surveys with their site data.  The module is currently released to the Dutch CMSi market only.

A key feature of this module is the accompanying smartphone app (supported on Windows, iOS and Android platforms)  for recording field observations and allowing rapid integration of records into the CMSi database.  Field data is automatically uploaded into CMS via a holding database.using a Windows service.

Mobile app map mobile map and form

Within the CMSi module, functionality is provided for entering data as CMSi monitoring projects associated with a site and for incidental records collected by volunteers. The module features a range of input forms that can be customised to suit a variety of recording needs. Data can be browsed from an intuitive tree interface, filtered, and viewed in the standard map window alongside other CMSi layers. Species and habitat taxonomic hierarchies, synonymies and conservation designations are fully supported, with the ability to configure national, local and user defined classifications along with customised data entry forms.

In addition, sophisticated reports can be specified using a wizard, which are then generated within the module and exported to GIS.

Species richness Species per Period report