LibraryLink is an optional module for CMSi. It is a document and image management system that integrates deeply with the CMSi application. It has its own database for storing and managing all forms of electronic media; documents, spread sheets, images, videos, etc. but also integrates with Microsoft SharePoint.

Essentially it is the tool you need if you wish to make your CMSi a ‘one-stop shop’ for all information about or relating to your site.

Throughout CMSi you will see a camera icon and clicking it will instantly make available all the resources linked to the information you are viewing.  If there are multiple resources then they will be displayed as thumbnails and selecting the thumbnail opens the resource using its native application – all without leaving CMSi.

Managing, storing, indexing, describing and searching all your emedia is straight forward using LibraryLink and associating emedia with information in CMSi is simply done using ‘drag-and-drop’ technology.

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 LibraryLink Example Interface