Observation Sets

In the habitats and species recording module, collections of individual wildlife observations are organised into Observation Sets, which are displayed in the Observation Set tree.

Butterfly obsv set

Observation Sets contain a collection of wildlife observation records with the same observer, method of measurement and start and end dates. If associated with a CMSi Annual Project; they are also associated with the same Annual Project.

Linking set to AP

Sets can be linked to any types of geometry, so for example, you are able to link to line geometry depicting a survey transect or polygon geometry illustrating tetrad monitoring. The following shows individual sea holly observations within an Observation Set:

Sea holly in set

There is an optional setting on Observation Sets to restrict individual observations to a certain taxa Check List, for example, ensuring a wetland bird survey only focuses on wetland bird species. However you can turn this setting off if you want to be able to capture ad hoc species record during a survey, such as a red kite observation during a vegetation survey. There is also the option to set a Target List for any species you wish to record at a site, for example, a list of plant species to record at a sand dune.

Bespoke or standard survey methodologies in the form of Protocols can be managed in the Observation administration form. These can be linked to specific Measurement Methods, such as Tansley, to help keep your survey methods consistent and results accurate.

Tansley measurement method

Individual Observations

A flexible and editable species dictionary is included in the Observations module. Imports from data sources such as the NBN Gateway are also possible.

Observations can be entered through the Observation form or through a rapid recording form through the map.

Map based data entry

Reports and Filtering

Observation Sets can be filtered from the Observations filter form on various fields and spatially, for example, you can filter the Observation Sets by Site geometry.

Filter obs by site

A range of GIS reports can be run from filtered Observation Sets, such as illustrating butterfly species richness across a Site:

Butterfly spp richness across site Butterfly spp richness detail

Alternatively, the population distribution of a single species across a Site can be evaluated, such as the following GIS report showing reed warbler distribution across Naardermeer in the Netherlands. The red squares indicate that the species was recorded in this location in 2008, blue represents a 2014 recording and green means the species was observed in both 2008 and 2014:

Reed warbler distribution