ObsVeg Mobile v5.1.2 is released !


We are very pleased to announce the release of v5.1.2 of ObsVeg Mobile. 

Used by our Dutch clients, ObsVeg mobile allows rapid collection of habitats and species data in the field from where it is seemlessly streamed back to CMSi and integrated with the site management planning data.

The ease of use of the application is reflected by the volume of data already collected by Natuurmonumenten who manage over 100,000 hectares for nature conservation. A recent audit revealed that, of a total of 5,307,939 of observations/records in CMSi, 122.676 had been collected with ObsVeg Mobile. 40,891 were collected by Natuurmonumenten staff in 2018 alone. A truly astonishing feat.

More about the ObsVeg Module is available here.