CMSi configuration and set-up

CMSi is a highly configurable system and has been designed to work in all languages and to meet the requirements of a wide range of organisational types. This means that although it is available in several standardised ‘out of the box’ configurations, further work may be needed to optimise it to match your preferred ways of working. This configuration can be done by a system administrator but is also something that we are happy to do for you.

The key areas that we are likely to be help with are:

  • Identifying the management plan structures and format that is most appropriate to your organisation and configuring CMSi to reflect this
  • Identifying the roles of relevant people in the organisation (site workers, site planners, specialist staff, financial staff, etc.) and then making sure that CMSi is configured to recognise roles from login details and to optimise the user experience for each of these
  • Setting up and mapping layers, sourcing map data if required and adding in relevant existing data.
  • Making sure that your preferred terminology is reflected throughout the system
  • Assistance in language translations where necessary
  • Ensuring that you have all the fields of information visible that you need – and none that you don’t

Typically this might take less than a day for a small organisation, but could take a few days for a large and complex situation.  If you are interested in this service then please contact us.