Software as a service

If you have an internet connection then we can host your CMSi on our servers. It makes little difference to the user experience but offers many advantages:

  1. The day-to-day CMSi user experience is very similar to if it were installed locally
  2. You (or your IT colleagues) save hassle, time and hardware resources
  3. Your CMSi can be accessed from more or less anywhere
  4. All installation work, software maintenance and upgrades are implemented by exeGesIS at no extra cost
  5. Technical support becomes more cost effective as exeGesIS can access your application and data directly
  6. Your data is securely managed and comprehensively backed up – and can be moved back to a local set-up at any time
  7. You have instant and free access to background and other national mapping datasets
  8. It offers an easy way to use the new web interface for volunteers – although there will be a small additional cost for this.

If you are interested in this service then please contact us.