The inbuilt CMSi mapping allows you to view spatial elements of your management plan or site administration within CMSi, enter data from the map, select data from the map and include maps in reports. Entering mapping data is not compulsory – it is there to help make your management more efficient. exeGesIS can provide bespoke high resolution aerial imagery of sites and landscapes and set them up as part of your CMSi background imagery.

Screenshot of CMSi Mapping

CMSi Mapping – Functionality

  • Screenshot of CMSi Mapping 'Zoom in' button Zoom In. As with most Zoom in tools, you can click on the map to Zoom in by clicking on the map or drawing a box to zoom into that box
  • Screenshot of CMSi Mapping 'Zoom out' button Zoom Out. Select this tool and then click on the map to zoom out.
  • Screenshot of CMSi Mapping 'Pan' button Pan. Use this to move the map.
  • Screenshot of CMSi Mapping 'Info' button Info. Select this and then click on a map object to give you information about that map object.
  • Screenshot of CMSi Mapping 'Layer Control' button Layer Control. The Layer Control is presented in a Tree format allowing you to open and close groups of layers. This is set up by your administrator along with which layers are displayed. In the Tree, you can control which layers are displayed by ticking or unticking the layers.
  • Screenshot of CMSi Mapping 'Gazetteer' button Gazetteer. You can search on any Gazetteer item, such as CMS Sites, Place Names or Coordinates in an Easting – Northing format. The gazetteers are set up by your administrator.
  • Screenshot of CMSi Mapping 'Measurement Tool' button Measurement Tool. You can measure either linear distance (a line) or area using this tool and choose between different types of units.
  • Screenshot of CMSi Mapping 'Print Options' button Print Options. This opens the print window, which allows you to load existing layout files or create your own.
  • Screenshot of CMSi Mapping 'Select' button Select. Choosing this tool allows you to select objects by clicking on them or drawing a rectangle over an area. To clear any selections, right click the map and choose Clear all selections.
  • Screenshot of CMSi Mapping 'Select records and show in database' button Select records and show in database. This allows you to select objects and view their full data in CMSi.
  • Screenshot of CMSi Mapping 'MapLink' button MapLink. Opens full ArcGIS or MapInfo centering on the map location you are coming from allowing more detailed editing, querying or filtering. (MapLink is an optional module, which may be purchased in addition to CMSi - see