MyCMSi is a highly customisable part of CMSi. All the sections presented can be reorganised by the user, new sections added and the sections can even be linked to user roles so that users only see sections that are relevant to them. From MyCMSi, you can have walkthroughs guiding users through processes in CMSi, run relevant reports directly from here or do your work recording or balance your budgets.

Standard Diary Entry Form (for recording and editing work records)

Screenshot of CMSi Diary Entry Form

On this Diary Entry form, you first choose the Site that you want to record work for. By default, the form will show work records dating back to the start of the preceding month from the current date. You can change this by editing the date range. Using the radio buttons you can show all types of resource records or just staff, expenditure, income or equipment records.

Adjust Planned Budget

This form allows you to rapidly adjust your resources for any year with the advantage that the annual totals are displayed at the bottom of the form, making it easy to adjust your figures to fit your budgets.

Screenshot of CMSi Plan Management