The Site Form

This holds all of the basic information about each of your sites.

Screenshot of CMSi Site Form

Site Form

Screenshot of CMSi Site Form tabs

The site form has a number of tabs.  None of the fields available via the tabs are mandatory - use only those that you need! You can switch off tabs that are not needed.

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Summary Description

This is meant to store a brief summary of the site - write a few paragraphs to give context about the site.

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Site Status

Each site can be tagged as having a particular status or statuses by selecting from this dropdown.  All drop down menus can be customised.

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In this tab you can create compartments for the site and map their boundaries.  The area is filled in automatically from the linked mapping polygon. You can have different compartment types on the same site.

Screenshot of CMSi Site Form Compartments tab

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This tab allows you to list the habitat types that occur on the site.

Screenshot of CMSi Site Form Habitats tab

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Site Manager

In the Site Manager tab, you can record who was or is the site manager and from when to what date.

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Admin Areas

Using this tab you can select which county, province, parish, local biodiversity group, etc. that the site falls within.

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