Survey and Monitoring


Monitoring and carrying-out inspection and assessment surveys are all key activities that inform your site management.  

The Survey and Monitoring (SAM) component allows you plan and record all surveying and monitoring across your sites. Having completed a survey and entered the results, the data is fully integrated with your management planning data where it can be entered, searched, analysed and reported upon.  

SAM provides functionality for managing data collection events of  items, such as features, compartments, assets, buildings and so on. 

Survey Events are organised into their own Monitoring Tree in which the survey items and samples are listed beneath each event.  From the Monitoring Tree you can open the Survey Event Filter form to search for events based on a variety of criteria.

Monitoring Tree

At each survey event one or more samples are collected for each item. 

The SAM Administration functions allow you to create and organise the variables that you want to measure when assessing each survey item. On each survey event, you select the survey items that you are assessing and create one or more samples in which you add the measurements against the selected variables. Survey events can be linked to annual projects as part of an overall survey project, so that the field work can be planned and recorded in the usual way.

Survey and Monitoring is a new, licensed component released in Autumn 2017 with CMSi version 3.3. For information on pricing, see the Pricing page.